Made with natural ingredients
Pays homage to the popular flavor of Colombia.

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Bebida refrescante con sabor a Colombia

What is QUAMBA®?

QUAMBA® is a carbonated drink made with lime and panela, an artisanal unrefined whole cane sugar.

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QUAMBA® Is made only with Colombian ingredients!

Panela production represents one of the most traditional rural agro-industries in Colombia. In contrast to the sugar industry, panela is made in small farms using artisanal processes in which prevails a high intensity of family work, as well as very low rates of technology introduction. Panela is produced in almost all the country throughout the year. It is the basic economy of 236 municipalities in 12 departments and employs around 350,000 people, or 12% of the economically active rural population, thus being the second source of employment after coffee.

QUAMBA® pays homage to rural farmers and to popular flavors that represents and identifies Colombia, from the peninsula of La Guajira to the Amazon Trapeze.

QUAMBA® seeks to position itself as a representative beverage of Colombian cultural identity at national and international level.

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